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Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Heredity is a great factor in the shade or coloration of your teeth and sometimes we are born with genes that dictate that our teeth are dark in color. The shades of your teeth differ from person to person and from teeth to teeth. At times medications that your mother has been taken during pregnancy can cause the discoloration of your teeth. Tetracycline is one that comes to mind immediately. When this is an aesthetic problem then teeth whitening, or bleaching as it is sometimes called, becomes imperative for a great smile. There are several ways in doing whitening but they are primarily in clinic and home based.

In the clinic the dentist uses a isolator, for the protection of the gums and an active ingredient such as 35% hydrogen carbonate (bleaching agent) which is placed on the teeth; a high intensity blue light or laser is then beamed on the teeth for a desired time. This activates the bleaching agent and the whitening begins. Caution must be done to ensure that the teeth are not bleached too white as this is undiserous. This whitening can last for a long time but the patient must ensure proper habits such as proper brushing, the avoidance of dark liquid and other substances. Coffee, tea and red wine are things that can cause the return to the original color quickly, especially if proper brushing is not done. Teeth whitening enhances ones smile and creates a greater self confidence. The Dentist will recommend when this might be necessary as sometime porcelain veneers and crowns are indicated to change those unsightly discolored teeth.

Doing whitening at home is less costly but is more time consuming and more self dedication is involved. On the first visit to the Dentist, an impression of your entire teeth is taken and a model of your mouth is made. A vacuum form customized (individualized) tray is made for both upper and lower jaws. On a subsequent visit, the Dentist fits these trays and advice is given as how to proceed with your home bleaching. Visits are made after to ensure that the bleaching is done. One must be conscious that bleaching should be done only until the teeth are acceptable whiter as too white, might not necessarily be the best results. This procedure takes a lot longer than the in clinic, dentist control method.

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