“Prevention, Our Goal.”


Endodontic simply means, “Inside the teeth”. It deals with the canal that contains the vascular/nervous tissues of a tooth. It’s popularly refered to as root canal treatment.

“PREVENTION OUR GOAL”– serves us well, to mention here, to emphasize that neglect of your teeth with its concomitant deterioration of the physical structures of your feeding apparatus will eventually lead to the diseased involvement of the nervous sector of these precious assets; your teeth. Remember that your mouth,” the widest opening to your body” in which your teeth grinds up your so delicious food that nurtures your body, giving you well being and happiness, is your greatest asset and yours to keep.

Nerve involvement most often occurs because of large carious lesions (decay). Decay starts 80% of the time from the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars, 20% between teeth; and this can affect even the front teeth. If these are not attended to, on a timely basis, they increase in size and eventually reach the nerves. When this occurs, discomfort initiates with stimulus such as whilst eating, drinking or by just pulling air within the mouth. This discomfort eventually becomes painful and can develop, if left untreated into severe and excruciating pain. How often do we wait, because we fear the Dentist? Is this justifiable considering the pain we can go through?

One may ask, why wait so long? Fear and phobia of the dentist and dental treatment compounded by costly treatment are primary reasons why we wait. “Prevention our Goal.”

Whenever decay involves the nerves, saving a tooth can only be done through endodontic; i.e. Root Canal Therapy. The dentist removes the nerve from the tooth, fill the root canal, places a post and core (dependent on level of destruction), eventually a total crown, which replaces the function, form, shape and the color of your teeth.

This is the best way of saving a tooth under conditions like this. Losing the tooth is more costly as the tooth is last forever, not for a few weeks, or some months but always; your forever.

At our clinic we provide this service, “Prevention our Goal“ dictates that we treat everyone with the level of comfort that all deserves……

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