“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Aesthetic Dentistry

One of the ultimate goals for anyone, inclusive of the dental patient is to have a great looking smile, a welcome to anyone. The mouth and the oral cavity is a major part of your presentation to the world.

Dental Care (General Dental Treatment)

At our clinic we provide for all case scenario. Our dental treatment involves all fields of dentistry, be it a simple prophylaxis, filling, root canal treatment, replacement of missing teeth or dental implant.

Dental Emergencies

Varied kinds of emergencies are treated at our clinic. Because of the vast case scenarios of dental emergencies, we suggest visiting our clinic at 16 Magazine Road or contacting our emergency number at 501 227 3415.

Dental Implants

It is said that we have two dentitions; the primary and the permanent dentitions. With the advent of dental implants, we are now saying that there are three dentition.


Endodontic simply means, “Inside the teeth”. It deals with the canal that contains the vascular/nervous tissues of a tooth. It’s popularly referred to as root canal treatment.

Medical / Dental Tourism

Whilst having dental treatment in Belize, enjoy our countries wonders on non-appointed days. You choose your agenda. Hotels, tour operators, and personalized tours are available.

Oral Rehabilitation

When we think of repairing the entire mouth we are thinking not only long term neglect or avoidance, but also a long time with the Dentist.

Oral Surgery

One of the most oral surgery that’s done in major dental clinics is third molar extraction. Impacted third molars can be problematic and painful.


The word is indicative of its meaning like almost all dental terminology. “Peri” comes from the word perimeter, which means around and “odont” comes from teeth.


Like what we have been saying, dental terminology is quite simple, Prosto comes from prosthesis; which means replacement, and we can compound it, but let’s focus on the “dontics”.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Heredity is a great factor in the shade or coloration of your teeth and sometimes we are born with genes that dictate that our teeth are dark in color.