Price Range

“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Fillings$35.00 – $40.00
Dental Cleaning / Periodontal Treatment$50.00 – $240.00
Root Canal Treatment (Complete)$575.00 – $875.00
Implants$1500.00 – $2500.00
Bone Grafting$400.00+
Sinus Lift$400.00+
Surgical Removal of 3rd Molars (Wisdom Tooth)$200.00 – $350.00
Periapical X-Ray$25.00
Digital Panoramic X-Ray$90.00
Dentures – Totals, Upper and Lower$850.00
Partials$200.00 – $850.00
Total Crowns / Veneers / Bridges (Unit)$350.00 – $500.00
Teeth Whitening$250.00+

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All prices are in US dollars.

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