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Dental Implants

It is said that we have two dentitions; the primary and the permanent dentitions. With the advent of dental implants, we are now saying that there are three dentition. This is because when dental implants are done, they feel, function and look just like your natural teeth.

Dental implants are titanium metallic roots that are painlessly inserted into the jawbone and later left to heal so as to form a strong sturdy support for any missing teeth. These implants are eventually fused to the bone which makes them almost a part of your body. They minimized bone loss and even stimulate the regrowth of bone loss due to extraction. They help maintain facial contours, which in turns help with the aesthetic aspect of your face.

When we have teeth missing the best replacement procedure is the use of dental implants. They are fixed, non-removable teeth replacement. They restore the functions of your teeth ensuring that your chewing ability is restored. One has to consider that the lost of teeth eventually leads to less efficiency of chewing with the resultant loss of ability to assimilate the food we swallow. The economic impact of this (not chewing properly) is always overlooked as when we swallow we lose all notion of what going on in the digestive system. We are also not aware that when we have missing teeth, we end up straining the others as they try to do the functions of the missing ones likewise. This reduces the longevity of these teeth in the mouth; as such, we tend to lose more teeth often times creating an even more greater dental problem. Replacing missing teeth early is imperative to the adequate functioning of the oral apparatus.

Dental implants are placed in the jaw and usually left for a period of 3 to 4 months or longer. This time allows for the Osseo-integration of the bone to the implant making it real sturdy. Dependent on the case, a temporary tooth or teeth is place in the area allowing for better dental aesthetic. After that period the tooth or teeth are placed upon the implant/s.

One must realize that there are several variation of doing dental implants, dependent on the location and anatomy of the area. We provide you with all details as we do proper diagnosis prior to dental implant treatment. At our clinic we have digital radiography that helps to make even better diagnosis.

One of the most questioned aspect of dental implants is if it’s painful. Honestly, it sounds painful but with the proper procedure and medication, it is no worse than a simple small irritation that lasts a few hours.

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