“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Oral Rehabilitation

When we think of repairing the entire mouth we are thinking not only long term neglect or avoidance, but also a long time with the Dentist. We are supposed to realize that long term neglect has reach the point that we “have to see the Dentist”. Why reach there? , remember that “prevention our goal” is the purpose why we are here to help you. Rehabilitating the entire chewing apparatus needs long term treatment. It needs commitment, it needs change, it needs follow up, it needs…. And the list goes on. Oral rehabilitation needs the absolute commitment of the patient and the Dentist. Yet the onus lies on the patient. It is patients that ultimately need the treatment. There is a beginning and an end. You either have to accept that today is the last day that you’ll neglect your teeth or accept its premature lost. And this can happen from all angles or point of views.

Diagnosis and desired outcome is essential parts of your treatment. What are you willing to accept, what are you willing to change, what are your ultimate goal, Is there a time limitation, well there is “you are now x.. yrs old”? Consider a few times that amount from now. Do you want to be using false teeth like your grandparents that began using them since there 50’s? Whoa! So much questions.

Restoring the integrity of your teeth and your entire chewing apparatus means a lot. This is the largest opening to the interior of your body, the mouth, with which you communicate, this is your smile, your welcoming apparatus, this is your life, from here we feed our body to be healthy, to be void of, especially dental problems… and the list goes on and on. Imagine again, or remember a past toothache, what does it take to visit a Dentist?

Rehabilitating your mouth is a complex treatment plan that has to be designed, discussed, appreciated, envisioned and accepted by the patient. We comprehensively diagnose and propose optional treatment plans for the eventual positive outcome of you dental needs. Oral rehabilitation ranges from a simple filling to surgical procedures to correction of the orthognatic system.

We are able to restore from its partial loss to its complete loss. Our objective is understanding the patients and providing the care that they need, want and is ultimately affordable.

Oral rehabilitation means a lot and encompasses a lot. Individualism is likewise specific and is essential here.


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