“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Beginning as soon as the child is able to take minor instructions; The child will be able to get familiar with the Dental Clinic, its staff, and its environment. He/She begins to see you (the patient) whilst you yourself is doing what is right; have your mouth open so that the Dentist check your teeth. Children follow by example. They are allowed to experience and visually explore what is a Dental Clinic. When positive attitudes are provided within the clinic, the child responds positively likewise. Early learning is imperative to prolonged good oral health.

1. If you have some concerns and want to take care of your teeth? NOW!, Remember… “Prevention Our Goal”. It should be yours also. And guess what? It cost less.

2. Visit the dentist at least once every six (6) months. Often times, it’s just about 1 hour. Imagine that only 2 hours per year; and for something (your teeth) that you should keep all your life. An Anthropologist told me once; “Even long after you die; we find skulls with their teeth”. See how long!

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. It’s expensive if you don’t take care of our teeth, and economic if you do. Invest in your health instead of that phone, TV and partying. Somehow everybody thinks of their teeth as dispensable body parts. Get AWARE, it’s one of the most important parts of your body. It’s the life line of our existence, without them, we can’t feed ourselves properly. We then become unhealthy.

Well, heck yes!, Imagine you come to the dentist with a set of teeth that looks like those cartoon’s mouth, monstrous long, black, non-pleasing to the eye decayed teeth. there’s nothing more scarier than that! Dentistry has improved tremendously over the past few years. Technology makes all procedures comfortable.

Come enjoy, the comfort of a Dental Clinic, Dr Osbert O. Usher Dental Clinic, relax and be positive.

Nothing in dentistry should be more painful than a good toothache. You choose which side you’re on.

Caring and understanding awaits you.

Take it easy! Gentleness doesn’t hurt.

Dr. Osbert O. Usher Dental Clinic welcomes all Patients

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