“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Dental Care (General Dental Treatment)

At our clinic we provide for all case scenario. Our dental treatment involves all fields of dentistry, be it a simple prophylaxis, filling, root canal treatment, replacement of missing teeth or dental implant. Our professional care has been going on for the last 34 years. We commit ourselves to giving the best dental services with care and understanding of the patient’s wellbeing.

The emphasis of diagnostics is primary to all successful treatment plans. When such plan is arrived at, it’s discussed thoroughly with the patient for their consideration and acceptance. Patients are given alternative treatment plan, as a dental professional, we give, with our experience, sound knowledgeable advice to the patient to determine which is best from a dental perspective. Each phase of the treatment is analyzed from a long term basis and its cost relationship so as to provide the best possible and most long lasting cost effective treatment. The functional values and aesthetic results are our goal orientation, taking into account the patient desires and expectations. All these explanations are done using drawings, models, and at times computerized illustrations which clearly depicts situations that may be present and is of importance in each specific case. A complete understanding of the issues involved is presented to the patient for them to have an informed decision as to what is best for them. Of-course we always guide them during their decision making so as to ensure the adequate completion of their individual dental treatment.

Our patient’s wellbeing is always our first priority because we care. The patient always has the right to ask questions whenever there is a doubt and is ensured that they are in control of the ultimate treatment. We provide that professional guidance and treatment.

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