“Prevention, Our Goal.”

Aesthetic Dentistry

One of the ultimate goals for anyone, inclusive of the dental patient is to have a great looking smile, a welcome to anyone. The mouth and the oral cavity is a major part of your presentation to the world. It’s the area that one focuses upon when meeting someone else for the first time and even after. When we speak to anyone, we look them in the face. What greater appreciation of a person can one receive if that aspect, “your looks” is so pleasing? Opportunity abounds and doors open when the aesthetic appearance of a person is good, compare that to the unsightly looks of decayed and/or missing teeth, not to mentioned, food laden teeth.

At Dr. Osbert O. Usher Dental Clinic we only promote the good look technique. Our entire treatment plan provides for the aesthetic and functional restoration of all your teeth. We promote the reawakening of your smile by ensuring that not only all teeth seen whilst smiling presents an individualistic and new you, but your entire oral cavity.

In clinic teeth whitening procedures are done to enhance that great look. Tooth colored durable dental fillings and ceramic restorations are used to help provide for that great look. Considerable emphasis is done to ensure optimal results. We sincerely believe that a great smile not only increases self esteem and confidence but it opens vast and diverse opportunities for the patient, in his/her social wellbeing.

Patients are likewise given sound advice and recommendations on how to maintain their smile once established. Periodic visits to the dentist is a must.

There is nothing better than a great pleasant and inviting smile. We can create one for you at our clinic.

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